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just me
my picz
so ._. zahnarzt überlebt *puhhhh*
ich hatte 2 löcher ._.''
insg. jetzt 3. geht find ich.
aber was so lustig war XD als der kerl
gebohrt hat, hat der die ganze sabber ins
gesicht bekommen XDDD ich hab mich
innerlich so weggelacht. *rofl*
oh man.

6.4.06 17:51

woah fast ferien.. so nice ^.^
hab heut eigentlich nur gutes feedback bekommen..
erleichtert die ganze sache n bissl.
ich sollt mal aufhören, keine lust mehr aufn
englisch unterrichtzu haben :/ *schon zu oft
blau gemacht hab* ~.~"
gleich gehts zum zahnarzt *angst* ;__; der muss 100 pro
bohren *fiepz* *wimma* >___<

6.4.06 12:49

I close my eyes as she pisses and moans
Always complaining and complaining.. on and on she drones.
Over and over she twists the truth
Acting as though she's going through some abuse

Alone I sit by the computer screen
Alone I sit as others dream
To make it through just one more day
For a day of peace.. I pray

Alway complaining, shouting and hurting
Daily hour by hour until I'm confused
What did I say and what did I do
I know it wasn't that.... I know this is true

Yelling and screaming I can't take much more
Each day I find myself running closer to nowhere
To get away without harming her flesh
She keeps pushing and pushing eventually we'll mesh

Oh I hope that tomorrow brings rest
Instead of this incredible mind slam fest
I know she can't mean the awful things she yells
To replace the thing shes breaking, no store sells

So silently I cry..
..So silently I die

5.4.06 21:57

blaaablaaaaa *test*
5.4.06 17:52